Monday, November 19, 2012

Scottish Highland Games—The 56-lb. Weight Throw

By Dawn Marie Hamilton

Last month I posted a piece on the 28-lb. weight throw. This month the 56-lb. weight throw is the topic.

Different from the distance goal of the 28-lb. throw, in the 56-lb. weight throw, the contestants are throwing for height over a horizontal bar of varying heights. The starting height is the lowest height requested by the athletes.

Using a metal weight attached by a chain to a ring handle, a competitor stands with his back to the bar and throws the weight over, using only one hand. Three attempts are allowed at each height. If the weight clips the bar on the way over, but doesn't dislodge it, the toss is considered successful. Measurements are made from the ground to the top of the bar at the midway point between the two uprights.

As the bar is repetitively raised, contestants are eliminated, until only one athlete remains and wins.

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I'll discuss more events in future posts so stop back.


Victoria Roberts said...

A man in a kilt is a man in a kilt. ;-)

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

So true, Victoria. Gotta love a man in a kilt. :)

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

You've got the right idea - a man in a kilt is a beautiful sight. YUMMM

I wonder how and why these customs got started and wonder how their backs can handle the stress of the heavy weight tosses.

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Hey, Paisley! I've read the games began as a way to prepare for war and show off the prowess of a clan. Whatever the historical evolution, I love to watch the modern guys (and girls) compete. :)