Monday, October 22, 2012

Scottish Highland Games—The 28-lb Weight Throw

By Dawn Marie Hamilton

The goal of the 28-pound weight throw is distance.

Using a metal weight attached by a chain to a ring handle, a competitor throws the weight one-handed from behind a toe-board (trig) with a nine foot run up allowed. Although different styles may be used, the most popular is spinning. In order for the throw to count, an athlete must remain standing after a throw, and not have touched the top of the toe-board or the ground in front of it during the throw. The competitors are judged on the farthest of three throws.

Key to a good throw are speed and momentum.

What is your favorite athletic event at a Scottish gathering?

Other events:
The Caber Toss

I'll discuss more events in future posts so stop back.


Earl B Russell said...

Thanks for your great post! We have seen this event and many others at the Royal Highland Gathering at Braemar. To me these 1,000-year-old games represent the purest form of sport with participants ranging in age from teenagers to "advanced" seniors. Your post helped me relive the memory. Thanks again.

Victoria Roberts said...

Hi Dawn! I love the caber toss and watching the men show off their prowess. Who wouldn't?

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Hi, Earl. So glad you enjoyed the post. Maybe one of these years I'll get to go to Braemar. One can always dream!

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

I enjoy the caber toss too, Victoria. There is just something manly about it. :)