Facebook & Twitter Sync Instructions:

How To Link Your Facebook and Twitter accounts
to CHRW blog:

1. Copy the following link:

2. Paste the copied url link in your web browser

3. The Celtic Hearts Network Application Page will load

 4. Click on the “Follow” button on the top right of the page 

5. Click on the “Syndication” link on the left of the page under the Celtic Hearts profile photo and the section labeled “RWA Celtic Hearts Chapter group blog”

6. Syndication page will be loaded

7. In option 1 – Select the down arrow on the dropdown menu

8. Select the “RWA Celtic Hearts” option

 9. Click on the “Customize Post” button at bottom of the page

10. Posting option choices will be displayed – recommended to use the default settings

11. In option 2 – Click “Add Facebook Target”

12. The “Syndication Targets” box will be displayed

13. Click on the “Add” button for each Facebook profile, page and group you want to have the CHRW blog posts to be loaded

14. An Added check will be displayed in place of the “Add” button

15. After you’ve selected all your Facebook adds, click the “Close” button 

16. The Syndication Target for Facebook will close

17. Click “Add Twitter Target”

 18. Another window will open with Twitter login

19. Enter your username or email and password, then click on the “Authorize app” button 

20. Networkedblogs app page will be displayed again

21. Option 1 – Select the down arrow on the dropdown menu

22. Select the “RWA Celtic Hearts” option

23. Option 2 – Will be displayed showing your selections

24. If you’re happy with your selections you can close “Networkedblogs app”

25. Congratulations! You’re finished!