Thursday, November 29, 2012

It is time to vote in the Kilted Muse Photo Contest!

Vote for your favorite creative Kilted Muse photo! Voting begins today and continues until next Thursday, December 6. Only members can vote, and only one vote will be accepted per person. Thank you all for participating in our Kilted Muse Extravaganza this year!

*To Vote - Our Treasurer Katie will be counting the votes for the contest. So to vote, please send your vote to Katie at

1. Is this lassie's Kilted Muse responsible for the great smile and twinkle in her eye?


2. Clan lasses caught in an Irish Pub celebrating CHRW and their Kilted Muse!
(And I think a photo of GB snuck into the group somehow! )

3. Disneyland is the perfect place to find your muse, according to these lasses!

4. This Lassie's Kilted Muse helps her with everything including pre-teens! 

5. This lassie's Kilted Muse gives her strength to do things that are impossible for others! 

6. This lassie's Kilted Muse Inspire's her to write the hottest heroes ever to run through a glen! 

7. Great minds must all be inspired by the Kilted Muse, as two lasses sent in the same photo! So, here it is again, the lasses of CHRW toast the Kilted Muse in an Irish pub! We may have to average the votes together and duplicate the prize for this one! (GB snuck in this photo too!) 


Lizzie Walker said...

WOW!! This is impossible to choose, so I choose ALL the lasses. What wonderful pictures.

It brings a smile to my face. ;-)

Eliza Knight said...

I agree with Lizzie!!! All the lasses look lovely!!!!

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Number 2 was fun so guess I'll go with it because so many dear faces are in it. Agree - all the photos are adorable.

Sarah Hoss said...

Thia contest was fun! Love the photos!

Victoria Roberts said...

I love all of the lasses who donned their kilted muse attire. Great job! You make our chapter proud!

Deanie said...

The Disneyland Lasses have my vote~

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

All the photos are fabulous. Just love our kilted muse. I'll vote for #7. Our trip to the pub was such fun. CHRW members rock!