Saturday, June 16, 2012

Announcing the CHRW Kilted Muse Extravaganza!

Celtic Hearts Romance Writers is proud to flaunt our muse, and being Celtic, he of course wears nothing but a Kilt. To celebrate our muse we are having a Kilted Muse Extravaganza! 

The Extravaganza includes a Kilted Muse online contest and a scavenger hunt at RWA Nationals; with prizes including a Kindle Fire, a free one year membership, and secret Kilted Muse exclusive items. 

Are you ready for the big reveal? Scroll down and meet your muse!

The Kilted Muse Photo Contest!
Show us the most creative way to display or wear your Kilted Muse paraphernalia! Take a photo of your kilted muse T-shirt or button, or both, and send it to us during the contest period. Judges will pick the most creative photo and the Grand Prize will be a Kindle Fire. Additional prizes will include exclusive Kilted Muse products.

Additionally, one lucky Celtic Hearts member will win a free membership for 2013 for promoting the contest the most on his/her blog and twitteraccount! Use Hashtag #KILTEDMUSE and spread the word, we will be watching!

Rules for the contest:
  • No purchase necessary. You don’t have to have your own shirt or button. Although, you know you really want to own your own! Just show up at RWA Nationals in Anaheim and find someone with a T-shirt or button. Rebecca Lynn, our President will be wearing her shirt and button all over Disneyland the two days before conference, and many other people will be wearing the shirts and buttons during the conference. We will be running a Kilted Muse scavenger hunt during the same time and we may have the Kilted Muse in the flesh make an appearance. 
  • Please keep photo entries Rated PG-14 or below. No triple X photos, please. ;o) 
  • No entries will be accepted before the start date or after the deadline. Contest entry dates are as follows: July 22 - August 1, so get your T-shirts and buttons today! 


Victoria Roberts said...

Great idea!!!!!!

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Wow!! Very cool!

Cate Parke said...

Um-m . . . okay, so where's my kilted guy hiding?

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

LOVING this idea and I so want that shirt!