Friday, May 4, 2012

CHRW: Meet The Member

Jean Drew

How long have you been a member of Celtic Hearts?
I’m not too sure how long I’ve been a member. I think it’s about five years, maybe six.

Do you belong to any other RWA chapters or writing groups?
Yes. After founding Romance Writers of New Zealand, I joined RWA and thereafter joined several chapters apart from this one: From The Heart, Hearts Through History, Scriptscene, and Elements.

Who are some of your favorite authors?
Laura Kinsale is one. In fact Ms Kinsale’s book, Flowers From The Storm, is my favorite book of all time. I also like our own (NZs) Helen Kirkman’s books. Helen writes wonderful romances about Viking Britain.

Have you ever been to Ireland, Scotland, Wales etc? Tell us about this trip and what you came away with afterwards.
Coming originally from the UK, I have been to Cornwall, many times. The last time I was there I visited Tintagel and went to King Arthur’s Castle were they have a regular storyteller. I sat with all the other children, LOL, and listened to the story he told. It was a day to remember. I also came away with the idea for a new book. That idea became BEATS A WILD HEART, published a few years ago now.

If you could be transported back in time for a day, when and where would you want to go?
I would really, really like to go back to ancient Egypt, my passion after writing, and have a good look round. I’d like to see the pyramids, as they originally looked, and be invited to pharaoh’s court. I have written a time travel set in ancient Egypt, and have trilogy in progress, but not time travel.

Share 7 fun facts about you that most people don’t know.
I’ve flown in a hot air balloon. It was magnificent but I’d hesitate to do it again. Spent the day with my favorite Hollywood movie star and his wife and I’ve played “minder” to another favorite TV star at a weekend science fiction convention. When I went to Egypt I rode a camel around the pyramids, and climbed to the top of the great pyramid of Giza. Perhaps one of the scariest (can I call that fun?) things that happened to me was to be kidnapped by Algerians in Paris with three friends. It wasn’t too serious as we later discovered. They were after money and when they realised I spoke French, they let us go, 


Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

Great to meet you Jean! Although I would like to know who your Favorite movie star is that you teaser!

Victoria Roberts said...

I agree with Renee. You can't leave us hanging, Jean. Fess up.

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Hi, Jean! It's nice to learn a wee bit more about you. A kidnapping? Sounds like a story to me.

Gerri Bowen said...

Flowers from the Storm is my favorite too, Jean.

Jean Drew said...

Renee, Victoria, Not too many people would know him today I should think, but it was, wait for it - drum roll - Rex Reason.

Dawn Maree - Already working one one LOL


Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

How fun to get to know you, Jean. My goodness you have had a busy and interesting life. I imagine you have a lot of interesting plot lines for your stories.

derekd said...

Good to get to know a little about you, Jean. I'm with Dawn. I'd love to read that kidnapping story.

Chicks of Characterization said...

Its great getting to know you Jean!!!

I can't believe you said, being kidnapped wasn't too serious! OMG, I would have been scared to death!! Thank goodness you spoke french!!!!

I would love to visit the pyramids too!!!

And I'm with everyone else, who is your favorite movie star????

Pat McDermott said...

What an interesting meld of cultures you've experienced, Jean. Your adventures will surely produce more amazing stories. Best to you and your writing!