Friday, April 20, 2012

CHRW: Meet The Member

Sidney Ayers/Arianna Skye

How long have you been a member of Celtic Hearts?
I have been a member since late 2007. I joined RWA in October and CHRW right after.

What prompted you to join this chapter?
I’ve always had a great interest in Celtic lore and mythology as well as Scottish history. Gotta love those hot highlanders.

You’ve recently signed with a publisher. Tell us about your writing journey before and after this point in your life, and the details about your upcoming releases.
It was January of 2010, so not really recent, but an interesting experience nonetheless. I decided to check my email while at work. I got a customer call right at the same time, so let’s just say it was really awkward. My mom took me to Applebee’s later to celebrate. LOL.

In what genre do you prefer to write and why?
I love all the genres I write, but my fantasy erotic novels as Arianna Skye and my paranormal romances are fun to write. I can make my own rules and worlds and am only bound by my imagination.

When you are not writing, what are your hobbies, passions, etc?
I love arts and crafts. I’ve recently rediscovered shrinky-dinks and have even found ways to incorporate them into my author promo. I even made a video showing how to make printable shrinky-dink nail files. The video is here:

Be warned, it’s rather long (around 15 minutes)

I also love computers and technology. I enjoy web and graphic design and was contemplating finishing up my design degree.

Have you ever been to Ireland, Scotland, Wales etc? Tell us about this trip and what you came away with afterwards.
Only in my dreams. I almost made it to England once for an abroad course in Shakespeare at Stratford upon Avon. However, the class was cancelled due to lack of interest. *sigh*


Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Hi Sydney. I remember doing the shrinky dinks when I was a Camp Fire leader. The girls loved watching them shrink. I imagine you must have fun doing some for promotion.

So fun getting to know you better today. I do hope you do get that chance to visit Great Britain wherever your heart wishes to take you.

Victoria Roberts said...

Hey, Sourcebooks sista!

You'll get across the pond one of these days, Syndney.

Great post!

Renee Vincent said...

Great to meet you, Sidney! And gosh, I haven't done shrinky dinks since I was a kid! hahah Wow, talk about taking me back in time....and making me feel old. Thanks Sidney.

Just kidding.

I do hope you get to go across the sea to England one day. Like you, I would have been so disappointed if they cancelled my one opportunity to go.

Happy Friday!

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Hi, Sidney! Nice to learn more about you. Dare to dream. You never know when the opportunity will arise and you'll visit the magic isles. :)

Chicks of Characterization said...

Hey Sydney! It is so kewl getting to know everyone here!

I hope that you get to make it across the pond- I know you'll love it!!

Congratulations on your sucess!!


Sidney Ayers said...

Paisley, I know. They are fun to make. I'm in my thirties and it's still cool for me to sit in front of the oven watching them shrink. You know, you can make printable shrinky dinks of Gerard Butler *wink*

Victoria! *waves* I really hope so. The only foreign country I've been to is Canada. I'm not even sure I can classify it as a foreign country, since it's only three hours away from here. LOL

Renee, I did them as a kid too, so it shows my age as well. LOL. As for the trip, how does traveling to another country not get enough interest? It's mind-boggling. Then again, the price tag was pretty high.

Dawn Marie: I know I'll get there eventually. Heck, I can even classify it as a business expense right? It is research, after all :)

Andrea, Thanks! How could I not love England. I do have an old friend that offered to let me stay in London with her, but we haven't talked in a couple years. LMAO. Awkward :)

Pat McDermott said...

Shrinky-dinks! Very creative little things, as I recall from my kids' fascination with them. And aren't you creative, using them for author promo? Great to learn more about you, Sidney. Good luck with both your writing and your travel dreams!