Friday, March 16, 2012

CHRW Meet The Member:

Beth Trissel

How long have you been a member of Celtic Hearts?
What prompted you to join this chapter?
Love of all things Celtic combined with my Scot’s heritage.

What are some of the benefits you favor most about being a member of RWA and/or CHRW?
I’ve learned a LOT about honing my writing from RWA, and CHRW is an invaluable resource of Celtic info. If I have a question I know some member will supply the answer.

Do you belong to any other RWA chapters or writing groups?
The Golden Network for Golden Heart finalists and Virginia Romance Writers.

You’ve recently signed with a publisher. Tell us about your writing journey before and after this point in your life, and the details about your upcoming releases.
After 12 plus years of writing, querying agents (had several along the way) and editors, and entering contests with growing success, I signed with The Wild Rose Press in 2008. I now have eight titles out in both historical and light paranormal romance and two more historicals due out later this year.

When you are not writing, what are your hobbies, passions, etc?
Gardening. Herbal lore. Family. I spend a lot of time with small people to whom I’m devoted and related (five grandbabies and three young nieces) and love my cats and dogs…adore Netflix and Hulu Plus. I love my long suffering husband who has always supported me in all my endeavors especially my writing.

What place inspires you the most?
The rich history and beauty of my beloved Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley where I live. My Scots-Irish ancestors were among the earliest settlers here. Those who have gone before me are an enormous influence.

What historical person would you want to meet and why? What question would you want answered?
Thomas Jefferson, John and Abigail Adams, some of the founding fathers and mothers who would roll over in their graves at the state America’s in now. I’d ask them to clarify their intent as it appears lost on so many in government these days.

Do you have any pets?
YES. A lot.

What area did you grow up in?
Spent my early childhood in Taiwan where my parents taught English. Rather ‘Indian Jones’ Temple of Doom with the primitive folk up in the mountains there. At age five, I visited my missionary grandparents in the Philippines, which I preferred. Back to the states at age six and Bristol, Tennessee where my dad taught English at King’s College. After four years we journeyed to Knoxville where he got his doctorate. I was entering the seventh grade when we moved to the Shenandoah Valley—home base—where he taught at Bridgewater College. I married my farmer hubby—we were high school sweethearts— and I’ve not budged since. Felt like I’d died and gone to heaven when we moved to the valley.

Tell us something special or fun about the area you live in now.
It’s absolutely gorgeous! And the history is amazing. You can reach out and touch it.

If you could have any super hero power, what would it be?
Fly I have several grandbabies who want to fly. One claims she can.

Share 7 fun facts about you that most people don’t know.
1. I wish I did have superhuman powers.
2. I long for a blue and orange kitten.
3. Want to plant my entire yard in herbs and flowers. No grass. Just paths.
4. Would like to write YA paranormal but hated high school and suspect unless I have a good excuse my teen characters would have to attend one.
5. I’d like to know if Big Foot is real.
6. I’m currently addicted to Grimm.
7. Keenly awaiting the release of the Hobbit. Big Rings fan.

Thanks for having me on this lovely blog.


Cathy Stewart said...

Wow! What a fascinating childhood. I grew up in the hills of TN, and understand your attraction. I'm awaiting the release of The Hobbit, too.
Thanks for sharing!

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Hi, Beth. So nice to learn more about you. Good luck with your 2012 releases!

Chicks of Characterization said...

Was great getting to "KNOW" you better Beth! How cool that you lived in Taiwan,and that your grandparents were missionaries!

Best of luck with your 2012 releases!!!

Andrea :O)

Pat McDermott said...

I've visited the Shenandoah area. So beautiful, and I can only imagine how inspiring it must be, surrounded by so much history. Good luck with those herbs and flowers, Beth. And of course, with your writing.

Alexa said...

Great to learn more about you, Beth!

Clancy said...

Nice interview. And Virginia is gorgeous... excellent place to live :)

Beth Trissel said...

Thanks so much guys! Much appreciated. I see I have many who share my passions. :)

Renee Vincent said...

Hey Beth!!! I'm so glad to know more about you. And I'm the same as you...I'd love to have my whole yard nothing but flowers - I LOATHE cutting the grass!

Thanks for letting us feature you today! Have a wonderful weekend!

derekd said...

Hey Beth. Nice to get to know you better. I too am waiting for the Hobbit to come out. Huge Tolkien fan. Have the director's cut edition of LOTR, which adds like 40-50 minutes to each movie.

Congrats on your deal with TWRP. I wish you much success with them.

Anonymous said...

Bristol! You DO know this area! Well, I can truly say, Beth, you're better travelled than me. Other than England and a little of Europe and Mexico (and Canada) my travels have been around the U.S. Love the idea of a beautiful herb-flower garden. I say go for it. Yes, I'm a Tolkien fan, too.

Vonda Sinclair said...

It's great to know more about you, Beth! Very interesting! I want to know if Big Foot is real too. LOL

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Fun getting to know you better. I can always feel your love of your home, garden and children in your posts. I am so glad you got to settle in your part of heaven. Keep giving us those great posts on herbs and your garden. I am so challenged trying to grow plants I am not allowed near them, only to look at them and sigh.

Natalie Murphy said...

Great interview!!

I'm actually moving to Virginia in June (I live in Calgary, Alberta right now). I'm planning on joining the Virginia RWA when I'm there =)

Dana Rodgers said...

Great interview and thanks for letting us get to know you a little better Beth. I grew up in southwestern Virginia, so I know what you mean about the Shenandoah Valley's beauty. And I love Tolkien--I have the books, the extended cuts of the TLOTR movies and am also anxiously awaiting the release of The Hobbit. :-)

Jena Lang said...

A very nice interview, Beth. I'm also addicted to Grimm and anxiously awaiting the release of The Hobbit. =)

Beth Trissel said...

Wow, thanks everyone. I have the extended cut of LOTR too. :)
Good to hear others like Grimm. Natalie, where in VA are you moving?
Thanks so much for doing the interview with me, Renee. Yep, fill up the yard with herbs and flowers.

Jennifer (JC Page) said...

Nice to get to know you more, Beth! I too, live in a valley and would prefer to see more herbs (medicinial) and fragant flowers. Looking forward to your class!

Natalie Murphy said...

I'm moving to Roanoke =)